Mental health is very important. It’s apart of self care. Today’s therapy section was good. I encourage anyone going through anything that may seem unbearable at times to seek help. Any who……

I have been trying to find me and be a better person. I learned that I need to be more patient and understanding to people. I have a way of thinking people should feel how I feel, act like I act, think like I think…. And it doesn’t work like that. Everyone thought process is not mine. I learned that I like to have control over things and people. I have to come to terms that I have no control over some things and no person. I only have control of me. So today’s lesson is to accept the things I can’t change and work on the things I can. Bottom line I need to work on me. Years ago I read this book called, The Power of a Praying Wife. In the book it went on to say how to change things is that you must start with self. Self evaluation is very important. Learning yourself is very important. All apart of self care. I plan on learning a lot about myself and sharing my journey. If you would like to share please do.

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